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Web hosting, Dedicated Servers and Server Co-location in Australia October 5th 2022 
  Web hosting, Dedicated Servers and Server Co-location in Australia
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Web hosting, Dedicated Servers and Server Co-location in Australia
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Acceptable Usage Policy

This acceptable usage policy is designed to make clear exactly which activities must not be engaged in whilst using services provided by Hostcentral.

The policy will in no way restrict your activities provided you act in a considerate and law abiding manner.

1. Acceptance of changes.

Hostcentral may from time to time vary the Acceptable usage policy, charges and conditions outlined in this agreement. The version of this agreement that is published at www.hostcentral.net.au should always be taken as the binding and most recent version of these terms and conditions.

2. Maintenance.

From time to time we must take the service off-line to perform maintenance in the form of software and hardware upgrades to ensure the services continues to operate at its optimum. Maintenance will be carried out in periods of low usage to minimise disruption. All clients will be notified on their nominated contact email address in a reasonable amount of time prior to such activities.

3. Email abuse.

The act of sending unsolicited email ("spam" or "junk mail"), or allowing other parties to send such email through you account is not acceptable. Distributing, advertising or promoting software or services that have the primary purpose of encouraging or facilitating unsolicited E-mail or spam is also prohibited. Customers are also responsible for ensuring that they do not advertise or promote themselves through UBE/UCE. Upon receipt of complaints regarding such activities, Hostcentral will act to prevent further occurrences. This may include account suspension or cancellation.

4. Forging Headers.

Forging or modifying email headers to hide or mislead your identity will not be accepted.

5. Illegal or unauthorised access.

Gaining or attempting to gain illegal access, or access without authorisation to computers, networks or accounts owned by Hostcentral or any external party will not be accepted.

Activities related to attempts to gain access to Hostcentral computers or equipment, or such equipment owned by other parties will not be accepted. Such activities may include (scans or other information gathering activities).

6. Copyright and intellectual property violations.

Hostcentral will not monitor or interfere with content published on our servers unless proper notice is served advising of an infringement of copyright or intellectual property.

Users of our services should at all times ensure that all information published and made accessibly to the general public is not in breach of any applicable copyright or intellectual property laws.

7. Adult Content.

Australian and NSW state laws prohibit the hosting of adult content on servers on Australian soil. Therefore, clients must be aware that the storage and/or transmission of such content through our equipment is prohibited.

Hostcentral will act on all complaints that we receive regarding such content. This may include account suspension or cancellation.

8. Privacy of information.

In the normal course of business, Hostcentral will not monitor, intercept or interfere with information stored or passing through our system. Clients should be aware that the Internet is not a secure medium and should utilise the tools provided to maintain security of the information transferred through our equipment.
Outline | SLA's | Our Network | Legal | Contact Us
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