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Service Level Agreement - Shared Webhosting.

Agreement Outline

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) relates to web hosting services offered by Hostcentral to its clients. This agreement does not cover dedicated servers or co-location facilities leased from Hostcentral.

Service Objectives

This agreement sets out the minimum level of service that clients of Hostcentral can expect and levels of reimbursement for failure to meet such levels. Hostcentral aims to easily surpass these minimum objectives.
  • Availability.
    All services will be available for at least 99.5% of each month. The following are constituted as services:
    • Control Panel (Port 8443) - The control panel for administering web hosting accounts.
    • HTTP (Port 80) - Web page serving.
    • HTTPS (Port 443) - Secure (SSL) web page serving.
    • MySQL (Port 3306) - MySQL databases.
    • FTP (Port 21) - FTP access.
    • DNS (Port 53) - DNS.
    • POP3 (Port 110) - Email retrieval via the POP3 protocol.
    • IMAP (Port 143) - Email retrieval via the IMAP protocol.
    • SMTP (Port 25) - Email delivery via the SMTP protocol.

  • Performance.
    All Hostcentral servers and networks are monitored both internally and via a third party network monitoring company. Any degradation in performance or failure of the above servers triggers automatic notification of our systems engineers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Support.
    Any request for technical support will be handled by our staff as quickly as possible. We aim to have a response to any request for support within 3 hours.

    It is recommended, for easy tracking of customer problems and responses from our technical staff that clients use our Trouble Ticket system.

  • Scheduled Outages.
    Our systems will require periodic maintainence and upgrades that may or may not result in services being unavailable for certain periods. This is part of our continuing commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality services available.

    All maintainence will be carried out between the hours of 2AM and 5AM and we expect that this would mean servers being offline for any more than 1 hour per year.
Service Guarantee

All systems and networks are monitored both by Hostcentral and by a contracted third party network monitoring company. As such, we have full records of availability of our services.

If service availability falls below the minimum acceptable levels as defined by this agreement, clients are eligible for a credit to their account. The amount credited to the client's account is dependent on how far below the minimum acceptable standard the availability was for the given month. For every hour that the services are unavailable below the minimum standard, Hostcentral will credit the equivalent of 1 day's worth of service fees to the client's account.

The maximum credit is 7 days worth of service fees.

To claim credit, customers must contact technical support within 14 days of the month they are claiming was below the minimum acceptable levels.

This document was last edited on Tuesday, September 17th 2002. We will notify all relevant clients of any changes to this document.
Outline | SLA's | Our Network | Legal | Contact Us
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